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Welcome to HFS Financial

Your Pathway to Financial Empowerment!

At HFS Financial, we're more than just a lending company; we're your partners in realizing your dreams. We understand that sometimes, the gap between aspirations and reality can be bridged with the right financial support. That's where we come in – offering tailor-made solutions to bring your aspirations within reach.

  • Unleash Your Potential: Need substantial funds to turn your dreams into reality? Look no further. HFS Financial is your gateway to loan amounts of up to $400,000. Whether you're renovating your home, planning a major life event, or expanding your business, we have the financial resources to fuel your journey.

  • Empowering Your Vision: At HFS Financial, we're not just lenders; we're enablers. We believe in your potential, and that's why we offer funding up to 120% of the contract amount. Your dreams aren't bound by limits, and neither are we.

  • Tailored Interest Rates: We understand that every journey is unique. That's why our interest rates are based on your credit score, starting as low as 6.99% for a 20-year term. We believe that your financial journey should be as smooth as possible, and we're committed to offering rates that align with your creditworthiness.

  • Inclusive Accessibility: Financial dreams shouldn't be limited by credit scores alone. That's why we welcome individuals with a minimum credit score of 650 to explore the possibilities with us. Your credit score is just a number – your potential is what truly matters.

  • Your Journey, Your Terms: We believe in personalization. Choose a loan term that suits your unique situation – anywhere from 5 to 20 years. Your journey, your timeline.

  • Transparent and Friendly: We know that exploring your financial options can be daunting. That's why we start with a soft credit check – a simple step that won't impact your credit. See the rates and terms you qualify for, without any harm to your credit score.

  • Freedom to Succeed: At HFS Financial, we don't believe in prepayment penalties. Your success is our success, and we empower you to settle your loan on your terms.

  • No Hidden Costs: Transparency is at the heart of our philosophy. When we say no cost to you, we mean it. No hidden fees, no surprises – just a clear path to your financial goals.

  • Seamless Funding: Why wait? We understand that timing is crucial. With HFS Financial, there's no stage funding. We disburse the entire loan amount upfront, so you can set your payment schedule and focus on what truly matters – your journey ahead.

  • Collaborative Excellence: We're excited to collaborate with Off Limits Contractors LLC to ensure your project's success. Off Limits Contractors LLC brings expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence to every project. Together, we're dedicated to turning your vision into a reality.

HFS Financial isn't just a lending company – we're your steadfast companions on your path to financial growth. With us, your dreams have a partner, your aspirations have a platform, and your success has a story. Welcome to HFS Financial – where your dreams take root and thrive, and where collaboration makes your projects come to life.

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